The Scuola Edile di Siena inaugurates the international site-school for the heritage restoration of the stands of the Palio, the traditional horse race of Siena

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The Courtyard of Podestà of the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena – which marks the solemn point of access to the upper floors of the building – will become, from May 2 to 12, the open-air training site of the Scuola Edile di Siena for the restoration of front panels of the historic stands of the Palio. The latter will be accessible to the public, who will discover the operations and methods of recovering these precious wooden objects.

In addition to the students of the Scuola Edile in Siena, the construction site-school will involve five students from Artemisia Formation in Paris, a school specializing in teaching painting and decoration techniques, and eight others from the construction school. from CEFS in Udine. Supported by teachers Maurizio Sampieri and Anna Rita Cotugno, they will develop pictorial and decorative restoration techniques. A live broadcast of the Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara is scheduled for Thursday 11 May.

The project is part of the strategy of the extensive collaboration of the Scuola Edile di Siena with these other European training institutions, thanks to ERASMUS+ funds. After the experiences of recovering the historic bleachers of the Palio and the rooms of the Palazzo Piccolomini, the Scuola Edile di Siena will be among the protagonists of the project in the Center for Heritage Professions La Paix-Dieu in Amay, Belgium, from May 15 to 26 .

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