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Heritage painters: a media success!

The Belgian national channel RTB and RTC Télé Liège came to visit the training site and interviewed us. The journalists, Marc Melon and Sophie Driesen, prepared some great reports. Vincent Roger, from the newspaper L'avenir, also wrote a very detailed article. We felt very proud to…

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We are the S-graffiti artists!

Sgraffito… sgraffito… Does it speak to you? A stunning craft technique that we have just learned from the hand of the masters Manuel Cardoso and Marc Frognet whose use dates back to the potters and potters of Mesopotamia.Technique of ornamentation of facades fashionable during certain periods and in certain European regions ,…

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Brushes and brushes end the peace of the abbey

Second week of the worksite-school at La Paix-Dieu (Amay, Belgium) a Cistercian abbey with a long history that begins in the 14th century. Today, the abbey of Paix-Dieu is the headquarters of the heritage trades center of the AWAP (Walloon Heritage Agency). Ideal setting to raise awareness around the professions of…

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Peace-God International Worksite-School. Dissemination event

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, the dissemination event for the ERASMUS+ project "PAINTERS-EURO-QUALIF" will take place at the Heritage Trades Center "La Paix-Dieu", Amay, Belgium. We hope to see many of you and thank you for confirming your presence by return email to before May 24th. (Event limited to 50…

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International Palio school-campus – New arrivals!

Today at the international site-school for the restoration of the historic bleacher panels of the Palio of the city of Siena, received the students of CEFS Udine. In the site-school also participate five students from Artemisia Formation in Paris, a specialized school in the teaching of painting and decoration techniques. The intervention is…

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