Who are we ?



Painters-Euro-Qualif. Painters restore their skills is an ERASMUS+ vocational training cooperation partnership project created / supported by a consortium of 4 partners, Artemisia, Scuola Edile de Siena and IFAPME, training and certification centers specializing in the teaching of building trades and key players in the innovation in vocational training in France, Italy and Belgium; the 4th partner of the consortium is IDEC, center for training and consulting in education in Greece. The consortium combines a diverse group of different areas of expertise including training, certification, quality assurance, collaboration with shipyards and heritage restoration companies and workshops, and public labor market inclusion programs. work.


The main objective of the project

Build a response adapted to the needs of the built heritage sector developing and maintaining the skills of qualified technicians

For what?
  • Because the professional skills for these trades are not sufficiently identified, and have not been the subject of work to pool knowledge at EU level, preventing proper coordination between the needs of companies, training plans and candidates for apprenticeship in built heritage trades.
  • Because there is an appetite for training in these professions, but the existing training courses are not necessarily accessible to those who wish to follow them.
  • Because our regions, our countries need to ensure that the quality of built heritage sites is maintained.


By focusing on one profession, that of heritage restoration painter. By combining the experiences of several players in training and certification of skills to co-construct tools that can be used on a European scale, and easily transferable to other technical heritage professions.



artemisia school specializing in painting. Paris, France.

Scuola Edile – CPT Siena, specializing in the teaching of construction trades. Siena, Italy.

IFAPME, the Walloon Institute for Work-Study Training and Self-Employed and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, coordinates the training and certification provided by 16 work-study learning centres, and in particular in the construction and built heritage trades. Charleroi, Belgium.

CEDI is a training and consulting organization specializing in quality education and educational innovation. Piraeus, Greece.