Colors and Heritage Webinar

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Colors and Heritage Webinar

Philippe Fagot (Artemisia) and Anne-Françoise Barthélémy (Walloon Heritage Agency) will share with you their thoughts and will provide a subjective, documented and original inventory of the burning questions about colors, their maintenance, their evolution and their restoration in mural paintings on built heritage sites, all in a language accessible to everyone

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Philippe Fagot: Master of chromatic sensitivities, has trained Artemisia painters since the beginning of our school. Among other feats of arms, he trained in the technique of trattegio and pointillism as part of teaching for IFROA, and spoke at the conference Medieval wall paintings, 12th – 16th century. Comparative views from the University of Burgundy.

Anne-Francoise Barthélémy, is an architect at AWAP (Walloon heritage agency) and coordinator of the specialist master's degree in conservation and restoration of real estate cultural heritage.